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ISBN  978-0-7090-9075-5

Review by Katie Pullen, - July 2010

This easy read escapist romance has all the right ingredients for any fan of this genre. Amy and Jason are great characters for a romance, similar in their personalities and both very good looking, intelligent and independent. They clearly find each other attractive from the start but both are determined that their marriage is a business arrangement and nothing else, but of course as the reader we know different. Kremer's description of the Venezuelan jungle is vibrant and I really felt I was there alongside Amy and Jason dealing with the heat as well as the fauna and flora of the place. There are some great descriptions in this part of the novel adding an exotic flavour, and fun episodes too which add a bit of humour .......                             

Review by Books Monthly,  July.2010

I toyed with the idea of including this on the Crime and Thrillers page, but really, it is, in essence, a romance. The coolness between Amy and Jake is fascinating and frustrating, and Amy's experiences are at times chilly. It is well written, and most enjoyable, with a highly satisfactory resolution.

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Filled with scenes of adventure and intrigue, July 30, 2010 

Amy and Jake have struck an unusual bargain which takes them from one adventure to another. Amy comes from England to America under false pretenses to live with Jake, an international businessman. They intend to pull off an interpersonal sham which will benefit them both.

When Jake convinces his new bride to go to the Venezuelan jungle, the careful plans of the couple go slight askew. Neither is prepared for the adventures into which they have fallen and neither has the foggiest notion of what to do.

Even those who shy away from romance novels will find Wendy Kremer's characters delightful and well-defined such that the reader can genuinely get into the story. The book is filled with scenes of adventure, intrigue, confusion and romance and has something for just about every reader. No Matter What is a delightful first novel from this Welsh writer. This is a good read - something to put in the bag and take along wherever you go.

No Matter What
was published in serial form - seven episodes - in the Swedish magazine ALLAS, Helsingborg
The Swedish title was Til varje pris. January-March 2012

No Matter What was published in serial form by NORSK UKEBLAD (a Norwegian magazine).
The Norwegian title was Gift med en Fremmed. May-June 2014


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(Audio CD October 2017- Soundings ISBN 9781407967837))

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Linford Romance Series

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 CORA Verlag/Romana Series

Am Palmenstrand der Sehnsucht - Band 1876 - Jan. 18. 2011  

Meine geliebter griechischer Boss - Band 1896 - Jun. 7. 2011

Meiner spanischer Traummann - Band 1941 - April 24 2012

pseudonym: Anne Harris

*immer noch als ebooks erhältlich /
 above listed CORA novellas are still available in ebook form (in German)

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